Starkick School Programs

Starkick School Programs 

AFL Inclusion Carnivals 

Our school community celebrates inclusivity and belonging through two remarkable annual School Carnivals: The Kickability Kalability Carnival for high school students with disabilities and the Starkick ESC Carnival designed for primary students with disabilities. These spirited gatherings embody our commitment to supporting education for all students in Western Australia. At the Kickability Kalability Carnival, high school students with disabilities come together to partake in a thrilling AFL carnival. This special day allows them to showcase their skills and camaraderie while competing against peers from various schools in friendly footy matches. It's a day where every student feels a sense of belonging and finds their place in our inclusive community, promoting unity and shared experiences. 

Similarly, the Starkick ESC Carnival caters to our younger learners with disabilities, creating a space where they too can experience the joy of participation and friendly competition. This event fosters a strong sense of belonging as primary students come together to engage in AFL activities, making new friends and forging connections that extend beyond the field. Our commitment to these carnivals reflects our unwavering dedication to an inclusive and supportive educational environment, where every student feels valued and part of a close-knit community. 

School Incursions

Our School incursions serve as a warm introduction to the world of AFL for students with disabilities. With modified rules that embrace all ages, our program ensures that everyone has a chance to participate, fostering a sense of togetherness and unity. We firmly believe in leaving no one behind and warmly invite all interested schools to reach out, ask questions, and join us in this inclusive journey. By collaborating closely with schools, we arrange sessions tailored to your needs, with each lasting approximately 60 minutes.