Starkick FAQs

  • What is Starkick?
    Starkick is an introductory football program modelled on AFL Auskick. It aims to deliver the best fun kids can have being active in community! In weekly sessions participants will explore the world of AFL, building skills and playing in a safe and super fun setting. Expect small groups, heaps of games and parent/guardian involvement. 
  • Who can participate in Starkick?
    Any child between 5 and 17 years of age (PP - Y12) 
  • How much does it cost?
    Fees and inclusions vary between clubs and centres. Families with a Health Care card are encouraged to utilise KidSport to cover club fees
  • When and where does Starkick run?
    Starkick centres are located across metropolitan and regional WA. To find the centre closest to you and their sessions times please refer to our Club Finder page. 
  • When does the Starkick season start?
    Season start dates vary between centres, however most begin at the start of Term 2 and run for between 10 and 14 weeks. Centres will take breaks over School holidays and long weekends. 
  • My child uses mobility devices and assistive technology. Can they participate?
    Yes they can. Starkick aims to cater for ALL disabilities and coordinators aim to modify activities to each child's individual needs. 
  • My child's brother/sister wishes to play as well. They don't have a disability can they join?
    Yes - We encourage family involvement at all times.
  • I am worried my child may get hurt or injured playing football
    Starkick is completely non-contact and focusses on games and activities rather then competition. As such the chance of injury is very low. 
  • Can we try a session before registering?
    Yes. We understand that some children (and parents) may be uncertain about participating. Clubs are pleased to offer a come and try session to give your child the opportunity to trial before registering and completing payment. Please ensure you contact the centre coordinator prior to confirm that you’re attending the sessions as a come & try.
  • How often and long does a Starkick session run for?
    Sessions run week for approximately 1 hour
  • What is included in my registration fees?
    Registration fees cover a full season of Starkick and other inclusions. As inclusions very from centre to centre please contact your club to confirm.
  • Who delivers the Starkick sessions?
    Each centre has a volunteer Starkick Coordinator who oversees the centre. Starkick will have a main coach and dependant on the centre helper coaches or support volunteers. All parents/guardians are encouraged to get involved in Starkick and no experience is necessary.
  • What does my child need to wear?
    There is no set uniform for Starkick sessions, just ensure your child is comfortable to be able to participate in all activities. We recommend sports clothing and either runners or footy boots. Some centres may provide a club uniform whilst other participants choose to wear their AFL team’s colours and jumpers.


Have a question not answered here? Then contact the WAFC Starkick team who will aim to assist